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    .::Pokemon Showdown::. [GENERAL]

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    .::Pokemon Showdown::. [GENERAL] Empty .::Pokemon Showdown::. [GENERAL]

    Post by Angat on Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:17 pm

    Well hello everyone,
    I am Angat a simple user of this forum that has come up with an idea of making a little forum game, with a stolen idea. Well here is the introduction of the game and some other stuff needed to be said.

    Well as the world of pokemon has growned the Kanto region is getting more and more abondoned by Poke Trainers and the pokemon in it are pretty bored. One day a simple boys sets foot in the Region. He comes up with an idea of a game played only by wild pokemon, who are pretty much bored of their normal lifes. The games is very simple and is based on the skills the pokemon has, the strategy that you could come up with, using the skill you got and the level of intelligence you have. Well thats all, lets move up to the Rules.

    1st - All PG rules apply!
    2nd - Do not spam in any of the game's threads!
    3rd - Do not post in this thread!
    4th - Do not offend the other players!
    5th - Do not share secret information with other players, like you're role and other stuff. You can discuss stuff about the game and maybe a potential strategy for the next round, but that's all.
    6th - If you're out, you're out and that's that.
    7th - For any complains come to the organizer and afterwards he may direct you to the forum's staff.

    8th - Users that got roles that can used limited times, have to PM the organizer even if they don't do anything, that they are passing the night round.

    Venusaur - He has the ability to use his vines to wrap and trap one enemy. The user must PM the organizer his target and that player won't be able to do anything in the next day/night.
    Charizard - Using his FlameThrower he can practically burn one enemy into ashes. The user assigned with this role, has to PM the organizer his target and the targeter player is killed immediately. This skill can only be used 2 times.
    Blastoise - Using his Shield on his back he can protect one enemy from getting killed. The user has to PM his target to the organizer and his target will be saved, but only from skills.

    Articuno - Using his Ice powers, Articuno attacks with Ice Beam and instantly kills one enemy. The user has to PM the organizer his victim.
    Zapdos - Using Zap Cannon, the pokemon can paralyze the enemy. The user has to PM the organizer his target and the targeted user will not be able to use his skill and vote for the next night and day.
    Mew - Using his Psychic powers, Mew can go into someone's mind and get intel on them. The user has to PM the organizer his target. The organizer has to PM back the user all intel he has on the targeted player. This can only be used once.

    Day - During the Day all players post the username of one player that they want to be killed and at the end of the day, the the player who got most votes is dead.
    Night - The time of the day when users use their skills.


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