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    Forum Rules & Important Points

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    The ???

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    Forum Rules & Important Points Empty Forum Rules & Important Points

    Post by The ??? on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:33 am

    Here are the rules for forum and EVERYONE has to strictly follow, even mods and admins :

    Rules regarding posting

    Stay happy and active - One quality post a day keeps inactivity away.

    Say Thank you - A word won't cost you much.

    Respect other members
    Everyone is equal here - Just coz you have high HP or you were highly reputated at other forums doesn't make you an extraordinary member.

    Give them what they deserve - If you like someone's post, press "like"

    ANY KIND OF SPAM is not accepted, it includes:
    ~ One word or post containing only smileys are spam
    ~ Don't revive topics older than 1 month unless they are stickies or announcement.

    Don't post if it has nothing to help in topic - posts like "i agree" or "hmm okay" or "lol true" are not accepted.

    Offtopic should be avoided. - All offtopic posts will be trashes with/without a notice.

    More than one post in a row is spam. - Keep 24 hrs gap between your 2 posts if you really want to double post.

    Only ENGLISH is allowed.

    Bold, Underlines and Colors are for Admins, Type leaders and Dragon members, italics can be used though.

    Writing in bigger font is not allowed, it feels like shouting.

    Asking for increment in HP or EXP. Points is strictly prohibited.

    Asking for Mod or Admin Powers is as stupid as it sounds.

    No Fighting or Discussing Any Topics Leading to Negativity - If something like this happens, topics can be trashed and warns will be given to the users involed.

    Use Common Sense - Just coz a rule isn't stated doesn't mean you can do it, if you are unsure of what to do, contact Admins or Mods.

    If a thread seems in appropriate to the moderator he/she can always delete it.

    ~~Keep the environment of forum light and sweet, Have Healthy Discussions

    ~~ Ignoring Moderators and Admins warning results in a Double Warn

    Misc. Rules

    1. Don't post any image that increase the dimensions of forum. - If you really wanna post use spoilers.

    2. Avatar has a limit - Don't put any image that increase the forum size, max size is 150 x 350 px.

    3. Advertising in Signatures and Avatar is not allowed.

    4. No 18+ stuff. If something found related to this category then a permanent ban will be issued.

    5. No foul language Any kind of bad words are not allowed, not even 'wtf' and 'shit'.

    6. The ranks don't signify the type of that user. It only determines the position of the same.

    And above all, I may be your friend but before that I'm Admin and will not think twice before giving a warn

    Warns System :

    User can get banned after receiving 5 warns.
    Double Warn counts as 2 warns.
    All warns are permanent, but they are reset after a ban.

    1st Ban - 7 Days
    2nd Ban - 1 Month
    3rd Ban - 2 Months

    more than third - Permanent Ban
    and if the user tries to make a second account he/she gets IP Banned
    Breaking of any rule will result in a Warn

    ~ The '???'

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